Our Waters

Our Waters

Lake Iliamna is situated in the Bristol Bay watershed, home to the largest sockeye and king salmon runs in the world. Iliamna is the largest freshwater lake in Alaska and one of the largest in North America, comparable with the Great Lakes. 

Novices and experienced fly fishermen alike will feel welcome at Talarik Creek Lodge. With our knowledgeable and experienced guides and a staff that caters to your every need, a week here will be the experience of a lifetime.   

Talarik Creek Lodge has all the transportation tools necessary to get you on the fish. Depending on species, season and drainage, as well as specific itineraries, boats, aircraft and 4-wheel drive vehicles are utilized to transport clients from the lodge to the fishing areas. 

Hear what Fish Alaska has to say about Talarik Creek Lodge in their January 2018 cover story. Plus, check out Talarik Creek Lodge’s delicious grilled sockeye salmon recipe featured on Fish Alaska. 

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